Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only

The number one aspect of Hypnobirthing that originally appealed to me was the way in which the mind affects everything we think about, prepare for, pre-conceive and desire about our labours. We are preconditioned to have fear and worry and dread and doubt… the list goes on and on…

Unfortunately, most of these negative inputs come from friends, family and even our own mothers! Everyone loves to tell a story of a horrendous birth and all the gore and drama involved. What’s worse is that we usually love to listen and engage in the story… interested in the drama, egging the “victim” in question on to reveal more negative information.

It’s unbelievable how this drip-fed information can subconsciously affect our anxiety levels when it comes to the birth of our babies. It can also have a HUGE impact on how your body works when actually in labour.

Next time someone feels the need to reveal a dramatic/negative/scary birth (or any!) experience to you maybe think twice before letting them do so.

Hypnobirthing is specifically aimed at switching all of these negatives into positives and teaching you how you can retrain your brain and body. The most powerful thing to remember is that WHERE THE MIND LEADS THE BODY FOLLOWS. Always.

Ashlee x

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