Hypno Huh??

The worst thing about Hypnobirthing is the name…

For some, it conjures up ideas of staged hypnotherapy – the kind where people expect to see a participant clucking around like a chicken. For others, it might make them think of a large couch and a person swinging a pocket watch that can make you feel very very sleeeeeeeepy.

In fact, it’s nothing of the sort. It’s a factual and scientific method used for releasing fears and any negative pre conceived ideas that you might have surrounding labour and childbirth. Hypnobirthing is a carefully planned and informative course that will help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby.

There will be facts and information that will make total sense and help you realize the power of the female body and what it was built to do! Hypnobirthing also equips you and your birthing partner with knowledge and confidence when speaking to health professionals during the lead up towards and the actual birth itself.

Preparing for birth is like preparing for a marathon, a wedding, a performance. All of the work and practice you put in leading up to the birth of your baby will make ALL the difference when it comes to “the main event” and what is more important than that!?

I’m Ashlee and welcome to The Instinctive Mother and to the start of your incredible journey.  I would love to chat to you more about this effective, no nonsense, and empowering approach to your labour.  Call me, email me or follow me on the usual social channels and stay tuned for more blog posts to come.

Ashlee x

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