So, What’s Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme for anyone seeking a well planned for labour experience with tonnes of positive vibes!

It is a logical approach to childbirth and is the very best way for you to prepare your mind and body for such a huge life defining moment.

The course is designed to release fears and build confidence in the lead-up to, and during, the birth of your baby.

The Instinctive Mother Course will:

• Release fears and combat negative preconceived ideas which you (and your birth partner) may hold surrounding labour and birth
• Teach you how to use deep relaxation and visualisations methods as an aid to support you leading up to and during labour
• Arm you with the confidence to make decisions based on facts and your strong instinct
• Provide you with tools and knowledge to empower you throughout your journey to motherhood
• Increase your birth partners knowledge and confidence enabling a better support system for you

Along the way we will practice visualisations, relaxation techniques, switching the negatives into positives, increasing your knowledge and empowering you to make informed decisions. As well as meeting like-minded women in the same situation as you!

What are the benefits?

After completing the course, you are much more likely to:

• have a natural calm, comfortable birth
• be alert in control
• have a shorter labour
• have your birth partner feel involved and informed
• reduce the use of pain relief
• help the baby to enter the world in a calm, relaxed environment

Want to find out more? Get in touch today for a friendly and informal chat about how the course can help you achieve a positive, calm and natural birthing experience.